OoZooN softcam Online

      OoZooN softcam Online

      OoZooN softcam Online

      Transfert "oozoon-softcam-feed.ipk" in /tmp
      ipkg install /tmp/oozoon-softcam-feed.ipk
      Or install with Oozoon userscript (SEE screnshots)

      Becouze there is a check image in the "preinst" file, THIS FEED AND PACKAGES WORKS ONLY WITH OOZOON IMAGE (DREAMBOX 7025/500HD/800HD/800HDse/8000)

      Credits goes to OozooN for the 47 packages emus that he has uploaded on IHAD board

      Files are untouched, You can check file integrity MD5Sum

      src/gz softcams dream-elite.planet.tl/softcams

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