Design contest competition

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    • Design contest competition

      Posto je nagrada u pitanju, evo i jedne obavjesti, tko zeli da sudjeluje od graficara u istoj, a nagrada je ispod dole s upustvima objasnjena...;)

      With the imminent launch of our new stb series Xtrend has opened a design contest with the first price for the winner of the top spec Xtrend ET10000 (or G-Edition) Serial No.1 Receiver (Shipment in January 2014)
      The 2nd to 5th Place will receive an Xtrend Smart Motion Keyboard (Shipment in January 2014)
      The design contest is restricted to , members only.
      To partecipate please download the design contest pack that include the contest rules and design guidance.
      submit your design in this thread in order to enter the contest
      Good luck

      Oficijalna obavjest o nagradi


    • [ET10000 G-Edition Giftbox Design Contest Instructions]

      [ET10000 G-Edition Giftbox Design Contest Instructions]

      Overview : This event allows anyone to create a Giftbox design for the new coming Xtrend ET10000 G-Edition and many awards will be given out to the best designers!

      Sponsor :

      Hosted by : &

      Period of the Event : 11-18 Nov 2013

      Eligibility : , members only

      How to participate: Download the Design Guidance information as well as the data to create a design. After creating a design for the Xtrend ET10000 G-Edition Giftbox, please submit your work in AI format. Only one design work by one submitter is allowed. Multiple work by one submitter will void the award for this person.

      1st Place : Xtrend ET10000 (or G-Edition) Serial No.1 Receiver (Shipment in January 2014)
      2nd~5th Place : Xtrend Smart Motion Keyboard (Shipment in January 2014)

      Forum Voting: 5 designs will be selected by the forum based on design guidance instruction, design itself, creativity, and popularity. The 5 designs with most votes will be submitted to by the 20. November, 2013.
      Final Selection
      6 Judges : 2 Judges from Xtrend Home, and 2 Judges from Xtrend Alliance
      Inform by 19. November, 2013 who will be the 2 judges for final selection.
      5 most voted designs from and 5 most voted designs from will be rated from 1-10 points by the 6 judges based on creativity, design guidance, and the design itself. (By 21 Nov, 2013)
      Final Score released by 22. November, 2013
      Winners will be announced on the 22. November, 2013
      Shipping address for the awards will be submitted to forum administrators.


      Designs, photos, images, or icons taken from another source will make the submitted design void for the price.
      If a design is elected as 1st place, the design can be used as the actual Giftbox Design. Therefore transfer of ownership of the giftbox design and intellectual property must be accepted when submitting the design.
      Depending on the changes in the actual product, has the right the modify the elected designs for ease of operation without prior notice.