Pinned VU+ Solo2 clone - time bomb

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    • Neznam da li je netko od stradalih ovo isprobao šta i kako neznam ali pisu da to radi :)
      Could be missing the bootloader which is needed to get the Image on the
      Flash in the first place you could try this and see if it helps thanks
      to aliraza63 at DW:

      1. remove all cables from stb just plug power cable

      2. update this file pics are with file for ur help

      3. its modified file u must use it as its said in pics

      4. restart box

      5. use new image and factory default must one time

      UPDATE TOOLS_20140508
    • Evo još o Solo2 JTAG update ili flashu ,pa tko ima ovaj prodlem nek isproda nista ga nekosta :)

      And PDF/Bin in attachment, now need only BCM97346.msi to install for the Solo2 processor.
      P.S.: Thanks to paddymitch

      How to install After extracting the compressed file that is
      installer in the follow order.

      1.Install Framework 4
      2.Install BroadCom Studio3
      3.Install BCM97346(VU+ SOLO 2)
      4.Bcm USB

      How to run
      1.Broadband Studio 3 runs
      2.Select Menu => View => devices => BCM97346 [ VU+ SOLO2 ]
      3.After turning on the STB, you can see the message 'Connected'
      4.Select Flash Explorer
      5.Select the Type ' Samsung K9F2G08U0A '
      6.Select refresh
      7.Select the Download
      8.Select Browse => VU+ SOLO 2.bin
      9.Select start

      Evo i program i PDF upute :)


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