Black Hole 2.1.5 svi modeli VU+

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    • Black Hole 2.1.5 svi modeli VU+

      Black Hole 2.1.5 za sve modele VU+

      New: HQ 5 Full Hd Skin 1920x1080 (duo2, solo2, soloSe, uno, ultimo, zero)
      New: OpenGL animations and Xbmc (duo2, solo2, soloSe)
      All drivers updated
      fix autoresolution plugin
      [hbbtv] fix crash parsing xml
      [hbbtv] fix VOD play problem
      fix keymap bug
      fix channel skip
      change default resolution to 1920x1080 (only models with full hd skin)
      update languages hr, it, no
      meoboot: add support for OpenGL and Xbmc images
      update Usbtuner
      WIFI: update driver RTL8188EU
      WIFI: update driver RTL8812AU

      Warning: This image MUST BE INSTALLED IN FLASH.
      Warning: Don't mix images with OpenGL animations and images without animations in multiboot because they use different drivers. If you have an OpenGL image in flash you can only use OpenGL images in Meoboot.
      Warning: Previous personal backups are not compatible with this image. Please use software manager to backup your settings before you flash.

      Known Issues: Xbmc External Player not working yet.

      DOWNLOAD za sve modele VU+