OpenSpa 6.0

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    • OpenSpa 6.0

      OpenSpa 6.0 (Duo2,Solo2,SoloSE,Zero)

      What is new :

      - New OE-Alliance 3.4
      - Changes in EPG download, now is Movistar+ instead of D+
      - Fix weather info
      - Improvements at confluence 1080. Added new screens and plugins.
      - Improvements at spaqbutton (Remap keys) to add more remote buttons (fav, portal, etc)
      - Kodi 16.1 (Wetekplay/VuDuo2/VuSolo2/VuSoloSE/VuSolo4k)
      - GStreamer 1.8.1 Stable
      - VuDuo2/VuSolo2/VuSoloSE/VuSolo4k/VuZero/GigaBlue support iptables
      - Fixed error in DeviceManager when initialize device in ext3/ext4

      OpenSPA Downloads