OpenSPA 6.0.005

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    • OpenSPA 6.0.005

      OpenSPA 6.0.005

      What is new:

      - OpenSPA installation images using Flash Online. It is a completely online method without PC. Notice : if you install any previous release to 6.0.005, when image starts FlashOnline will not be available.

      - Improvements in spanewfirm (Installation Wizard OpenSPA), now it's compatible with FlashOnline.

      - Improvements in spaMetrixJR, now you can also configure/change OpenSPA menu icons.

      - Added secondinfobar screen with extended information in MetrixJR.

      - Improved EPG Movistar +.

      - Improvements in spzImdb, to make finding films information easier and faster .

      User : root
      Pass : openspa

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