Prodelin 3.4m

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    • Hello Mr. Ferdo

      I´m very interested in your Prodelin 340cm satellite dishes and I´d like to buy two of those three dishes!
      I suppose those dishes are only AZ-EL mounting. ( No polarmount version. )
      Please let me know if those two dishes are still available! I´m willing to accept your price 2600Euro for each dish.
      My friend and I who are interested in it are from Czech Republic.
      We can agree on the date and time we are able to pick up those dishes at your country in your home town. Please, don´t forget to mentioned whether you also have original Ku band feedhorns for each dish ( or if you´re able to get it.)
      If you wouldn´t mind ( and you still have those dishes for sale ) we can maybe ( would be better ) exchange are e-mail address, to make more exact and detailed correspondence, how to make this deal. ( payment and so on....
      Till then goodbye. I´ll be very looking forward to your quick reply. Thank you very much.

      Stanislav Czech Republic
    • Thank you for your email and interest, Stanislav.

      You probably somewhat misunderstood the text, it was only one antenna for sale (which has in between already been reserved), the other two have been installed at a TV station.

      In any case, should I come across another good dish, I can let you know, just leave your email through PM.
      Orbitron SX-10 - 310 cm
      Prodelin 1252/1253 - 240 cm
      Laminas OFC-1200 - 120cm
      Torodial T90 -90cm
      EGIS ProfiTracker
      Seavey ESR-124H feedhorn
      Dreambox DM920 UltraHD, TechnoMate 7102HD-T2, TBS6925, Chaparral M140 + ostala muzejska zbirka
    • Hello

      It´s very pitty but never mind. If you´re able to get from US sat. dishis like this it very good. Please do it!
      Can be new or used one, in good condition two pieces. Please, with original Ku band feedhorn for both.
      Minumum size must be 3,4 m ( the best 3,7m Prodelin polarmount version ) but it can be also AZ-EL mounting.
      If you manage to get them soon that would be very good!
      My e- mail is
      I´llbe looking forward to our soon cooperation!

      Best Regards.