Hello to all

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    • Hello to all

      Hi dear forumers! I just wanted to say hello. Have read the forum rules and understood that English language is not prohibited (correct me if I am wrong). If English is no go than I can try to Google-translate my messages to Croatian, but then the meaning could be lost i translation as nobody is perfect even Google :(
      I am here because of the couple of threads I am particularly interested, namely those about Channel Master antennas (one of my favorite brands), however other topics could also be helpful to me. I am pleased to see some familiar user names which I met on another satellite-related forums. I live near capital of Latvia. Satellite TV is one of my hobbies. I have several satellite antennas in different sizes and like to work on them (modernizing, adjusting, tuning etc.).
    • Warm welcome to this forum. English is not prohibited language, but this forum is mostly Ex Yugoslav forum (and it's languages).
      Write in English on specific topics with no restrictions :)
      I think that some members will thy to replay to You so that You can understand.

      Gatam sat. drivere na grah, proričem CS na tarot karte, bioenergijom otklanjam probleme s boxeva, centriram antene telekinezom!

    • Welcome to our board.
      As you've noticed already, the language spoken here is primarily Croatian / Bosnian / Serbian. Well, we speak Slovenian and Macedonian, too.
      The others are too complicated or less understandable (no pun intended!), so we appreciate having messages posted in named ones.
      However, English as one of the common languages in the World is OK for foreign users.
      Since you pointed that your interest is in the sat-equipment, I would suggest that you create a new thread in the part Satelitska oprema and start from there.
      We are addressing each other as "colleagues" and/or registered nicknames here.
      The ones that can understand your words may answer in English, or in any of the languages listed above.

      Have fun and enjoy the ride :)

      EDIT: a friend warned me to mention Montenegrin language too, or the wrath shall go loose. So, here it is listed! :D
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