Jazup by Hectore & Pr2

    • Jazup by Hectore & Pr2

      Jazup by Hectore & Pr2
      JaZUp is a Java based AZbox upgrade to E2 / downgrade to official firmware application.

      Please take the time to read the full user guide provided in PDF format.

      For end-user willing to run JaZUp on Mac OSX or Ubuntu, you will need to set the execute attribute to jazup.sh (chmod 755) to be able to launch it.

      For Windows user, once you have at least Java Runtine Environnement (version 5) installed you can just double click on jazup.jar like any other software.

      JRE is available at: java.com

      Made for you by Hectore & Pr2
      Thanks to: The_Ripper, MickeySa, Telesat, ... and all the people involved in this challenging E2 on Azbox experience

      Source Code

      1. http://www.speedyshare.com/files/25922134/Jazup_1.0_by_Hectore_and_Pr2.zip
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    • JaZUp 1.3 by Hectore and Pr2.

      Java based application to flash E2 firmware on Azbox and return to official Firmware.
      We try to make it safe to flash your Azbox so we include many tests.

      Please ALWAYS run JaZUp when your Azbox is still in official firmware to disable Hardware Acceleration before starting any upgrade process! Even without any USB key connected simply press Update button this will check for and disable Hardware Acceleration if needed and also uninstall Priority Manager plugins if installed.

      When you install on USB please remember that JaZUp requires 2 USB keys; one with patch.bin and the other one will be used to install E2 on it (min. 256 MB required).

      You Firewall can ask you to grant access from JaZUp to your Azbox please allow it.
      We only use telnet and FTP.

      See other included files for full details.

      change log:

      - Disable Hardware Acceleration even in Rescue Mode
      - Uninstall Priority Manager from official firmware to avoid conflict when upgrading
      - better detection of destination device (second USB, HDD)
      - Bug new Kernel - no USB detected - reboot Azbox
      - clean umount before rebooting
      - Improve Azbox search function
      - add NL end user guide

      Source Code

      1. http://www.fileserve.com/file/advVAMp
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