LAV Filters NEW - sve nove verzije

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    • LAV Filters NEW - sve nove verzije

      LAV Filter (video i audio podesavanje)


      Evo rešenja za one koji imaju ATI HD karte a hoće da koriste free LAV video dekoder
      koji dolazi uz nove verzije DVBViewer-a

      Besplatan kodek

      Source Code


      Podesavanje za ATI HD karte
      U postavkama video dekodera podesi "aggressive deinterlacing" i "DXVA2 native".
      I naravno EVR Custom renderer s uključenim Aerom u Windosima.

      Za nvidia karte ukljuciti NVIDIA CUVID


    • LAV DirectShow Filters Changelog
      0.53.2 - 2012/11/11
      LAV Video
      - Fixed DVD menu still frames with DXVA2 Copy Back
      - Fixed Live TV playback with QuickSync

      0.53.1 - 2012/11/10
      LAV Video
      - Fixed initial media type when YADIF is active
      - Fixed an image corruption issue with DVD playback
      - Improved handling of DVD menus on some discs
      - Reduced decode latency with CUVID/DXVA2-CB on DVDs for smoother playback in some situations
      - Added an option to toggle HW decoding for DVDs

      0.53.0 - 2012/11/05

      LAV Splitter
      - Added support for reading image files (tiff, png, jpeg, tga, bmp)
      - Support for MPEG-4 ASP in MPEG-TS
      - Support for reading metadata using the IAMMediaContent interface
      - Fixed Aspect Ratio on some wmv/asf files

      LAV Video
      - Fixed a crash in the WMV9 DMO decoder on Windows 8
      - DVD improvements
      - Subtitles are properly cleared from the screen, and won't be shown forever on some discs
      - Improved subtitle/menu positioning on some PAL discs
      - Improved handling of still frame DVD menus
      - Fixed a deadlock that caused the player to freeze in some DVD menus
      - Improved quality of blending subtitles/menus
      - QuickSync improvements
      - Support using QuickSync in Fullscreen Exclusive mode (ie. in WMC)
      - Improved fallback to software decoding if QuickSync is not available
      - Support for DVD decoding
      - Added support for Avid DV
      - Properly indicate progressive video when YADIF deinterlacing is activated

      LAV Audio
      - Added proper DirectShow types and config options for AMR-NB, Nellymoser and various (AD)PCM variants

      0.52.0 - 2012/10/20
      LAV Splitter
      - Improved IO performance on network sources
      - Added an option to configure the maximum memory usage of the frame queues
      - Support ALAC in MKV
      - Support SRT subtitles in AVI
      - Improved raw video support in combination with LAV Video

      LAV Video
      - Support for DVD Video decoding
      - Slight GPU memory usage reduction with DXVA2 Native
      - Fixed video corruption after seeks with VP3/Theora
      - Fixed decoding of "old" H.264 4:4:4 lossless files
      - More stricter handling of output pixel formats, only enabled formats are allowed for output
      - QuickSync: Improved compatibility with new driver series
      - Improved support for VC-1 with the SageTV MpegDemux

      LAV Audio
      - Fixed a few issues with audio mixing
      - Some channels would occasionally be mixed twice, causing incorrect audio levels
      - Downmixing 8ch to stereo could crash on some systems
      - Increased maximum LFE coefficient to 3.0 and fixed scale to be consistent with surround/center coefficients
      - Added downmixing to Mono
      - Clipping protection is no longer reset on seeks
      - Added support for Opus
      - Fixed excessive memory allocations when decoding MPEG4-ALS
    • LAV Filters 0.55

      - All Filters now have an optional tray icon which can open the property sheet when clicked (disabled by default)

      LAV Splitter
      - Improved FPS detection for interlaced H.264 streams in Matroska
      - Fixed H.264 in Ogg and PMP
      - Fixed seeking in RMVB files with AAC audio
      - Improved support for AAC in MPEG-TS (especially in ISDB-T)
      - Fixed Key-Frame seeking for AVI and added support for MP4

      LAV Video
      - Improved handling of raw RGB video with LAV Splitter (Video was upside-down in some cases)
      - Improved support for the Overlay Mixer renderer
      - Fixed decoding of non-mod16 video with CUVID
      - Fixed DXVA2 decoding of H.264 MBAFF content with >= 16px cropping
      - Support for fade in/out animations in DVD subtitles
      - Fixed DVD menu overlays showing too early on some discs
      - Fixed forced DVD subtitles being stuck on the screen until the next subtitle line
      - Improved playback of MPEG-1 in MKV with Haali Splitter

      LAV Audio
      - Fixed 6.1 to 7.1 upmixing when the standard channel layout option is turned off
      - Dithering when converting audio to 16-bit Integer
      - Fallback to DTS "Core" bitstreaming if DTS-HD fails

      Download: Installer (both x86/x64) -- Zips: 32-bit & 64-bit

      Tray Icons
      As most that read this probably already know, LAV now has tray icons for all three filters. They are disabled by default, and in this version don't offer much functionality - they show up, and you can click them to open the property sheet of the appropriate filter.
      This at least allows you to directly access the configuration/status of the actually active instance of LAV, because many players either don't offer access to the property page at all, or always instanciate a new copy, and don't use the one used for playback.

      In the future, more features will be added to the tray icons, most notably: LAV Splitter will allow direct stream switching through the tray icon for players which do not offer this.

      And everything else
      Since it was quite a while since the last release already, a lot of small fixes and most importantly a lot of ffmpeg changes have accumulated for this release.
      Most importantly, the way the H.264 decoder in ffmpeg deals with resolution changes was greatly improved, and i hope it didn't cause any regressions.

      As always, please report any issues you find with this version to me, most importantly regressions, but all other sorts of issues as well, of course.
      I hope i don't have to do a .1 release within the week to fix any new issues, but with the sheer amount of ffmpeg changes, i'm prepared to do so if required.
      ♫ U tako malo nota reći toliko.
    • LAV Filters 0.55.1

      - Clicking the Tray Icon with a Property Page already active brings it back to the front

      LAV Splitter
      - Added an option to disable quality-based audio stream selection (selects the first stream matching the language preferences)
      - Removed Bitrate from audio quality criterias, because its too unreliable at this point.

      LAV Video
      - Fixed YADIF deinterlacing (broken after a ffmpeg update on 0.55)

      LAV Audio
      - Switched to Triangular Dithering for 16-bit Integer conversions

      Download: Installer (both x86/x64) -- Zips: 32-bit & 64-bit

      I knew there would be some issue that would require a fast bugfix release, this time it was YADIF being broken.

      While i was fixing it, i added some other fixes and improvements, so that i can relax in peace on the weekend.

      - nev
      ♫ U tako malo nota reći toliko.
    • LAV Filters 0.55.2

      LAV Splitter
      - Improved support for MP4-style H.264 in AVI
      - Further improvements for AAC in MPEG-TS
      - Small improvements to handling Blu-rays with odd stream configurations
      - Improved handling of Ogg Vorbis streams

      LAV Video
      - Basic support for playing DVDs in different playback rates
      - Fixed DXVA2 resource cleanup which may have caused a crash in some situations with DXVA2-Native
      - Fixed A/V Sync when using the WMV9 DMO decoder (especially noticable after seeking)

      LAV Audio
      - Improved AC3 decoding quality (thanks to madshi for the patch in ffmpeg)

      Download: Installer (both x86/x64) -- Zips: 32-bit & 64-bit

      I actually wanted to release this last week, but somehow i didn't manage to, so one or two more fixes slipped in, and here it is.
      Nothing really big and noteworthy, some compat-improvements with a bunch of odd files, some quality improvements, DVD fast-forward/rewind support, and the occasional bug fix.

      I'm pretty confident nothing new breaks with this version, but in case i am still wrong, please let me know!

      By nevcairiel; Today at 16:14.
      ♫ U tako malo nota reći toliko.
    • LAV Filters 0.55.3 (released 2013/02/10)

      LAV Splitter
      - Improved handling of Annex B H.264 in many containers
      - Improved support for external source filters without seeking ability (live sources)
      - Fixed duration in some MP4/MOV files
      - Fixed stream program assignment for some MPEG-TS files (resulted in some streams not visible)

      LAV Video
      - Added support for TSCC2
      - Fixed a crash when playing certain H.264 files with QuickSync or CUVID

      Download: Installer (both x86/x64) -- Zips: 32-bit & 64-bit

      Just a bunch of bugfixes and small improvements, nothing big.
      Hopefully i'll find some time to work on some of the bigger tasks soon, so that i don't have to do small bugfix versions all the time.

      The only risky change in this version is the change in handling Annex B H.264 - if you have any H.264 file which stops working in this version (but worked in 0.55.2 or 0.55.1), please let me know.

      - nev
      ♫ U tako malo nota reći toliko.
    • LAV Filters 0.56

      - Major ffmpeg update, the DLLs have had their version number increased

      LAV Splitter
      - Support for Matroska Ordered Chaptes / Segment Linking
      - Improved support for parsing language tags from OGM files
      - Small performance improvements by avoiding copying the stream data in memory needlessly
      - Improved duration calculation for MP3 files

      LAV Video
      - Performance improvements for single-threaded decoders and YADIF (up to 20% in some situations)

      Download: Installer (both x86/x64) -- Zips: 32-bit & 64-bit

      While it may not seem like it, there are actually two big things in this version (and many may only care about one).

      Performance Improvements
      The overall performance of demuxing and decoding was improved (depending on the use-case up to 20%!), thanks to what in Libav/FFmpeg is called "The Evil Plan". In short, it allows to properly handle the data (both packets from the splitter and decoded video/audio) much more flexible than i could before, which means now i can finally use the full power of LAVs thread design for more than just the wmv3 dmo decoder. This avoids copying the frames in memory, allows parallel processing, and especially when combined with YADIF (or any external post-processing filter), can result in huge performance gains. It also helped to simplify a lot of tricky situations, so all in all, well worth all the effort put in on FFmpeg/Libav's side.

      Matroska Ordered Chapters / Linked Segments
      This is probably the one much more exciting for you guys.
      LAV can now handle Matroska's ordered chapters, linked segments, and linked files. If you don't know what that means, its like seamless branching for Matroska - if you haven't heard that either, well, in short, it allows multiple versions of one movie in one file, or splitting parts of the movie into separate files (so for example the opening of a TV show can be reused by all episodes, instead of being included in every one)

      Please note that the same restrictions apply that also apply when using Haali Splitter for ordered chapters: The tracks between different segments need to match, or who knows what will happen!

      Personally, i use it to archive Blu-rays with multiple editions on one disc, like Avatar.

      There has already been a lot of testing of these features, thanks to everyone taking the time to test and report in great detail, and even craft samples to help me reproduce difficult cases.
      Nevertheless, i don't expect it to be completely bug-free, so if you encounter any issues, crashes, or other undesirable behaviour, please report them here or on the Google Code issue tracker, preferably with a sample (or info how to get/make one) for me to reproduce the problem, and then fix it.

      And one last point, before it comes up, there is one known issue which i didn't get to yet, but wanted this version out anyway:
      Fraps decoding currently only outputs its "key" frames, the repeated frames are not output, which basically means Fraps can be a VFR stream, and not CFR like it was before. I do plan to fix this again, possibly for 0.56.1 already (if i don't have to make an emergency release), but for the time being, thats how it is.

      Anyway, take care and have fun!

      nevcairiel, Today at 19:09.
      ♫ U tako malo nota reći toliko.
    • LAV Filters 0.56.1

      LAV Splitter
      - Fixed various crashes with ordered chapter MKVs
      - Fixed a crash when playing an MKV with a disabled subtitle track
      - Fixed switching between video streams with different codecs (ie. H264 -> MPEG2)

      LAV Video
      - Fixed a crash on close with DXVA2 Native
      - Re-tuned YADIF for smooth playback instead of benchmarking

      Download: Installer (both x86/x64) -- Zips: 32-bit & 64-bit

      Just a few fixes, mostly related to ordered chapters or the ffmpeg updates.
      In case you missed 0.56, release notes are here.

      YADIF Performance
      It was noted that the performance of YADIF is slightly slower now than it was in 0.55.3. This is not a bug.
      YADIF had a long-standing bug that caused it to overread its memory buffers, which in the worst case could result in a crash, and even if not, illegal memory reads are no way to write good code. This bug was fixed, however it requires that the edges of the image are handled separately, which costs a bit of performance, making YADIF maybe ~5-10% slower in benchmarks (real-world results will differ), depening on the overall system and decoding speed.

      This slowdown was masked in 0.56.0 by too aggressive multi-threading, which caused stuttering/jittering playback, which was now tuned for smooth playback, at the cost of a little bit of performance (and the gain of simpler code!)

      If YADIF performance is critical, its very well possible to invest some time to optimize it, (safely) multi-thread it, without resorting to illegal memory reads for the sake of performance.

      In any case, please report any issues you find.

      Have fun!

      nevcairiel; Today at 13:43.
      ♫ U tako malo nota reći toliko.
    • LAV Filters 0.56.2

      LAV Splitter
      - Emit the EC_LENGTH_CHANGED event when the edition is changed, to help players update their playback duration

      LAV Video
      - dxva2: fixed corruption/dropped frames after seeking in interlaced MPEG-2/VC-1 streams
      - dxva2: fixed corruption after seeking in interlaced H.264 on AMD GPUs
      - dxva2: fixed decoding of H.264 on AMD UVD/UVD+ GPUs (HD 2xxx/3xxx Series)
      - dxva2: disabled wmv3 decoding on AMD UVD/UVD+ GPUs (until it can be fixed)
      - Fixed colorspace used for YUV Fraps to always be BT.709
      - Added support for MPEG-4 Video with the BLZ0 FourCC (used in older Blizzard games)

      Download: Installer (both x86/x64) -- Zips: 32-bit & 64-bit

      In case you missed 0.56, release notes are here.

      A whole bunch of DXVA2 related fixes. One from a regression in 0.56 (the first), the others related to AMD, hopefully without introducing any new issues.

      As always, please report any issues, particularly regressions, directly to me, so that they can be fixed.

      Have a great weekend, everyone!

      nevcairiel, Today, 20:18
      ♫ U tako malo nota reći toliko.
    • LAV Filters 0.57

      LAV Splitter
      - Added a Popup Menu to the Tray Icon which allows Stream, Edition and Chapter switching
      - Improved stream selection in files with multiple video streams
      - Improved performance when opening MKVs with linked segments
      - Fixed playback of MKVs with Segment Linking and Vorbis Audio

      LAV Video
      - Enabled Hardware/GPU Deinterlacing when using the QuickSync decoder
      - Support for JPEG2000 DCinema streams
      - Support for RGB48 output, and high-quality dithering of RGB48 to RGB32
      - Fixed a crash with DXVA2 Native on AMD GPUs in certain situations
      - Improved detection of H.264 RGB streams, improves support with EVR
      - Adjusted performance tuning for consistent performance in both playback and transcoding (in 0.56, transcoding could be slow)

      LAV Audio
      - Use the FLAC channel mask from metadata, fixes playback of FLAC files with non-standard channel layouts

      Download: Installer (both x86/x64) -- Zips: 32-bit & 64-bit

      What people have been asking about the most in this release is probably the popup menu on the Splitter tray icon, which lets you control streams, editions and seek to chapters in players which otherwise don't offer this.
      Other then that, not much to comment on.

      As always, please report any issues with the new features, any regressions, or any other bugs directly here, in as much detail as possible, and the information which allow me to reproduce it.
      Only reproducible issues are easily fixed.

      Nev, Yesterday, 16:52
      ♫ U tako malo nota reći toliko.
    • LAV Filters 0.58

      - LAV Filters now includes a manifest file to control DLL loading
      - Fixed the shortcuts to the configuration dialogs created by the installer in the start menu

      LAV Splitter
      - Handle the "Default" flag in MKV files with multiple video streams
      - Fixed a regression in VC-1 demuxing which caused some streams to fail decoding with the WMV9 DMO decoder
      - Improved transition between ordered chapters in certain (badly formed) MKV files
      - Improved handling of AVC1 in AVI files
      - Improved accuracy of IAMStreamSelect::get_CurrentMarker
      - Several potential crash fixes and stability improvements

      LAV Video
      - YADIF deinterlacing is now multi-threaded, significant performance improvement on multi-core CPUs
      - Improved detection of progressive streams to ensure deinterlacing is disabled, especially when "Aggressive Deinterlacing" is used
      - Restored Fraps constant frame rate output by proper handling of repeated frames
      - Support for the new UtVideo sub-types, and fixed a regression in UtVideo decoding
      - cuvid: fix double-rate deinterlacing on certain streams without timing information
      - Updated the Intel QuickSync Decoder to 0.44

      Download: Installer (both x86/x64) -- Zips: 32-bit & 64-bit

      This message has been reduced in length due to heat.

      Standard disclaimer applies, report regressions/issues, include samples, because without reproducing a bug, no fixing a bug.

      So, take care, and enjoy the summer while it lasts - well, if the summer reached you yet.

      nevcairiel; 23rd June 2013
      ♫ U tako malo nota reći toliko.
    • Latest Version: 0.59 – 2013/11/03

      LAV Splitter
      - Support for demuxing H.265/HEVC and VP9
      - Improvements for H.264 in AVI or as raw video streams
      - Improved stream detection in files which start with a few seconds audio before the video
      - Improved timestamp handling when demuxing seamless branching Blu-rays, fixes a few hicups/freezes mid-stream

      LAV Video
      - Support for decoding H.265/HEVC and VP9
      - Accept H.264 from the MainConcept demuxer
      - Added support for DV Video from Canopus cameras

      LAV Audio
      - Fixed playback issues on a few DTS and DTS-HD tracks

      LAV Filters (32-bit) (ZIP file)
      LAV Filters (64-bit) (ZIP file)
    • LAV Filters 0.59.1 (released 2013/11/04)

      LAV Splitter
      - Fixed a regression when demuxing AAC audio from MP4/MOV files

      Download: Installer (both x86/x64) -- Zips: 32-bit & 64-bit

      In case you missed 0.59, it was posted here.

      This version only includes a small regression fix, surprisingly the only one that showed up after more then 24 hours in the wild, i fully expected more issues after such a long time between releases and many changes in FFmpeg.

      Anyway, take care!

      nevcairiel; 4th November 2013, 21:46
      ♫ U tako malo nota reći toliko.
    • LAV Filters 0.60 (released 2014/01/12)

      LAV Splitter
      - Improved playback of a few Blu-ray discs, avoids a hiccup at clip change
      - Support for reading embedded Cue Sheets from audio files as chapters
      - Added support for reporting the stream bitrate through IBitrateInfo (for MPC-HC et al.)
      - Additional metadata from the source file is exported through IPropertyBag (including "ROTATION" for video orientation information)
      - Fixed demuxing of MKV files with huge SSA/ASS format blocks (> 1MB)
      - Fixed playback of certain MPEG4 ASP streams in MKV to be smooth

      LAV Video
      - Added support for VC-1/WMV3 DXVA2 decoding on recent Intel GPUs (Ivy Bridge/Haswell, needs recent drivers)
      - Fixed a crash when stopping playback or seeking on AMD when using DXVA2 Native
      - Fixed playback of WMVA videos in software mode
      - Fixed a few issues with output of odd-height videos when converting to various pixel formats
      - Fixed a few corner cases when reporting the video range to madVR
      - Fixed a crash when playing raw video files with unaligned width (non mod16)

      LAV Audio
      - The version of the DTS DLL decoder is now checked, and versions before are blocked (since they do not work)
      - Fixed an issue with DTS parsing which could result in occasional audio stutter
      - Improved support for Opus audio pre-skip

      Download: Installer (both x86/x64) -- Zips: 32-bit & 64-bit

      Its been a few month since the last major release, and due to the holidays everything has been moving quite slow.
      There is still some features I wanted to work on, but I decided to postpone them to the next version instead.

      Lets go through a few important notices:


      In this version I did my spring-cleaning early, and cleaned up (read: remove) a bunch of old custom solutions to certain problems, in favor of FFmpegs solutions.
      In most cases this should not pose any problems, and it makes the maintenance of my code easier in the future. But be warned that it may as well be possible that my cleanup efforts may result in issues which may need fixing later.

      VC-1/WMV3 DXVA on Intel GPUs

      Intel finally started to support proper decode acceleration of VC-1 through DXVA2. This is only available for Ivy Bridge and Haswell, and only with recent drivers.
      Before, it was only possible to achieve this through the QuickSync decoder, but now DXVA2 Native and Copy-Back can also use it.

      In general it works pretty flawlessly, however there is still a known issue with image corruption on a few rare samples, which I was unable to clearly pinpoint and fix yet, but it'll be handled in a future release once the issue can be identified.

      More stuff

      There are a bunch of other changes which don't need explaining, many crash fixes and compatibility fixes with media files, a few new features.

      Please report any regressions in this version, so that they can hopefully be fixed (even if some of the things needs to be fixed in FFmpeg, see "Cleanup").
      As always, report any issues in as great detail as possible, so that I can reproduce them faster, and if possible at all, with a sample file as well.

      Have fun, and have a nice Sunday!

      ♫ U tako malo nota reći toliko.
    • LAV Filters 0.61.0

      LAV Splitter
      - NEW: Support for "demuxing" AviSynth scripts (requires AviSynth, 2.6 recommended)
      - NEW: Support for reading ICY stream metadata from ShoutCast streams
      - Fixed: The duration of DVB MPEG-TS files is being detected more reliably
      - Fixed: The ITrackInfo interface was not available in the last few versions
      - Fixed: The duration of certain Ogg Vorbis streams was wrong
      - Changed: DTS-HD audio tracks are now exposed using the official DTS-HD media type, in addition to the old DTS type
      - Workaround: Block WMP/WMC from always overwriting the initial track selection

      LAV Video
      - NEW: Support for Duck TrueMotion 1/2
      - NEW: Support for BT.2020 in YCbCr -> RGB conversions
      - Fixed: Format conversion could cause out of memory errors when converting high-resolution videos
      - Fixed: The decoder could crash if DXVA2 decoding failed and the software decoder is unavailable
      - Fixed: Reduced binary bloat caused by the YCbCr -> RGB converter, reducing binary size to nearly half
      - Fixed: Playback of RV30/RV40 was not smooth in 0.60
      - Fixed: Video corruption when using DXVA2 on Intel GPUs when decoding certain VC-1 or MPEG-2 clips
      - Fixed: Decoding WMV3 Complex profile automatically falls back to software, since hardware decoding is unsupported.
      - Faster: DXVA2 Copy-Back decoding on Intel GPUs is significantly faster
      - Changed: If the wmv9dmo decoder is unavailable, the FFmpeg decoder is automatically used instead
      - Changed: Updated QuickSync decoder to the latest version, fixes a few timestamp issues.
      - Changed: Relaxed the resolution checks for H.264 decoding on AMD GPUs, allowing files with 2K resolutions to be decoded (ie. 2048x1280, etc.)

      LAV Audio
      - NEW: Support for ATRAC3+
      - Fixed: Decoding AC3 audio could produce glitches in playback due to too aggressive error checking.

      Download: Installer (both x86/x64) -- Zips: 32-bit & 64-bit

      This release contains mostly a collection of small features, fixes and improvements, with a bit of focus on DXVA2 improvements, especially (but not limited to) Intel GPUs.Nothing big really worth mentioning, otherwise.

      As you can see, I've taken a cleaner approach at writing the changelog, the unorganized entries in the past always bugged me a bit, but not enough to do something about it.

      A small announcement: Since Google Code has shut down its file hosting, I'm looking into setting up my own website for LAV where I can host builds in a more orderly fashion, with version archives and everything.I'm not sure when I'll actually get to do that, but for the people that get it from Doom9, nothing much will be changing anyway.

      In the interim, the latest builds are also available from GitHub now, and the older builds are still on Google Code.

      Have fun!

      ♫ U tako malo nota reći toliko.
    • LAV Filters 0.61.1

      ​LAV Splitter
      - NEW: Support for opening "icyx://" stream URLs
      - Fixed: Opening of some Blu-ray discs would take several minutes and could hang the player.

      LAV Video
      - Fixed: Aggressive Deinterlacing is no longer applied to soft-telecined content, which caused severe playback issues.

      Download: Installer (both x86/x64) -- Zips: 32-bit & 64-bit

      Only a few more fixes that I didn't want to leave in the repository until the next major release, as they can really improve the experience in certain configurations.
      In case you missed the 0.61 release from earlier this week, the notes are here.

      Have fun!

      ♫ U tako malo nota reći toliko.
    • LAV Filters 0.61.2

      LAV Filters 0.61.2 (released 2014/04/08)
      including LAV Splitter, LAV Video and LAV Audio.

      0.61.2 - 2014/04/08

      - Installer: The installer does now backup DirectShow registry settings before overwriting them, allowing uninstall to restore them

      LAV Splitter
      - NEW: Support for ProRes in MKV
      - Fixed: Opening AviSynth scripts with LAV Splitter which used DirectShowSource to load LAV Splitter again caused a deadlock
      - Fixed: Audio-only AviSynth scripts did not show a duration.
      - Fixed: Cue Sheets with directives with empty parameters could cause a crash

      LAV Video
      - Fixed: AVC1 video streams without SPS/PPS in the configuration record did not decode properly
      - Fixed: Decoding H.264 streams with a resolution change using the DXVA2 Copy-Back decoder could crash
      - Fixed: YUV->RGB conversion produced the wrong output for the last line of odd-height 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 files

      LAV Audio
      - Changed: LAV Audio offers more alternate output configurations to the audio renderer if the audio renderer refuses our preferred format.
      - Fixed: Decoding AC3 audio with corrupted audio frames could cause unnecessary format changes to occur and disrupt playback
      - Fixed: Decoding DTS audio on a CPU without SSE2 support could crash on some streams

      Binarys are available as well:
      Version 0.61.2:
      Installer (both x86/x64)
      Zips: 32-bit & 64-bit
    • LAV Filters 0.62.0

      LAV Splitter
      - Fixed: The filtered Forced Subtitles stream did not properly send all related subtitle data in some cases

      LAV Video
      - NEW: Implemented a WMV9 MFT decoder to replace the old DMO decoder for VC-1/WMV3 on Windows 7 and above
      - NEW: Support for VP7 video
      - Fixed: Multi-threaded video decoding could result in a handle leak on some systems
      - Fixed: Video processing was slow on Windows XP due to inefficient memcpy use
      - Fixed: DVD subtitles could overlap on some discs

      LAV Audio
      - Fixed: Dynamic format switching to an audio stream with a different sample rate did not work in some cases​

      Download: Installer (both x86/x64) -- Zips: 32-bit & 64-bit

      Mostly pushing this release to get updated ffmpeg libraries out, as well as not cause the new things to rot too long.

      WMV9 MFT

      As it appears, the WMV9 DMO decoder is kinda broken on Windows 8.1, it doesn't properly identify interlaced videos anymore, which causes them to never engage deinterlacing.
      To solve this problem, I've implement a new wrapper around Microsofts decoder, using the MFT (Media Foundation Transform), instead of the DMO. DMOs are a tech from Windows XP and before, and are really old and deprecated, while MFTs are new and clearly better supported - plus getting the information I need out of it was actually quite a bit easier than with the DMO before.

      Note that this has no influence on anything DirectShow, LAV is not a Media Foundation filter all of the sudden, it just happens to use the WMV9 MFT, nothing else changes.

      Anyway, have fun, and as always report any regressions you find.

      ♫ U tako malo nota reći toliko.