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    • We have released the new DVBViewer Pro 5.6.1 today.

      DVBViewer Pro 5.6.1
      In Memoriam - Lars Gehre

      Change Log DVBViewer Pro 5.6.1

      Fix: Recorder: Recording all audio channels as TS did not work anymore (in version 5.6.0).

      Fix: EVR / Custom EVR: Issues caused by wrong EVR Video Processor handling if the corresponding tweak was switched on. The default is now “off”.

      Change: Channel Search: After a channel search the Channel Editor automatically selects and shows the first found new channel.

      Fix: Channel Numbering: Under certain conditions the favorite number was not displayed correctly in “Favorites based OSD navigation” mode.

      Fix: Channel Numbering: The
      status bar still displayed a zero-based channel number if the “One
      based channel and favorites numbering” tweak was switched on.

      Fix: OSD: After
      opening the EPG details from the Mini EPG with OSD Green/Yellow and
      performing OSD Back the last state of the Mini EPG was not restored.

      Fix: OSD: Assigning channel logos to channels failed in certain cases (particularly concerning audio track sub-entries).

      Fix: OSD: Browsing left/right in the Mini EPG only worked for the current (played) channel, not after browsing up/down.

      Added: Main Window: “Hide
      mouse cursor” tweak (see Tweaker.exe) specifying when the mouse cursor
      gets hidden in the video area: 0 = never, 1 = only in full screen mode
      (default), 2 = always (tweak already available in 5.6.0 release).

      Added: Main Window: New
      menu item View → Windows Size → Source Resolution plus a corresponding
      action. It adjusts the size of the main window so that TV or a video is
      displayed in its original resolution. In case of anamorphic video
      (non-square pixels) DVBViewer preserves the aspect ratio and adjusts the
      window size either to the horizontal or to the vertical source
      resolution (depending on the tweak “Best window size by only changing
      the height”).
    • Evo na Viewer Forumu se pojavio još jedan sa istim problemom.

      Disecq preset position problem since 5.6.0
      Since version 5.6.0 it is not possible to save disecq type 1.2. preset position 1 to specific satellite. I can set the proper configuration (and see the system working) but after program restart it always lost the settings and move motor to not defined position (probably zero) out of the limit of the actuator. Then when I check the preset position it remembers the type but position number is completely missing.
    • Evo oglasili se i nadležni:
      "It will be solved in another bugfix release 5.6.2. We are just collecting some more bugs before we come to it. Till then the best solution is to revert to version 5.5.2 (still available in the Older Versions section), since there is no work-around for 5.6.1."

      Ukratko, rešiće to kod sledeće verzije 5.6.2, a dotle, ko ima problema, neka koristi verziju 5.5.2.

    • Ispravljen i rešen DiseqC problem u novoj verziji 5.6.2.

      Change Log DVBViewer Pro 5.6.2

      Fix: Mosaic View: The
      Mosaic View did not apply the Options → OSD Appearance → Overscan
      Adjustment settings correctly and displayed the pictures with a wrong
      aspect ratio (depending on the OS aspect ratio).

      Fix: Zoom Settings: The
      effect of “Stretch vertically up/down” was swapped throughout
      DVBViewer, including Settings → Zoom, OSD → System → Settings → Zoom and
      the corresponding actions.

      Change: Zoom Settings: The
      handling of the Zoom Setting has been reworked and simplified; several
      inconsistencies have been fixed. DVBViewer now uses only one set of zoom
      settings for all aspect ratios, not two separate sets for 4:3 and 16:9
      anymore. You may revert to the previous behavior by activating the tweak
      “Separate zoom settings for 4:3 and 16:9” (see Tweaker.exe).

      Fix: DiSEqC: The Preset Position setting was reset to 0 on each (re-)loading of the channel list (channels.dat) and each DVBViewer start..

      Fix: Channel Editor: The
      additional input elements for the DiSEqC settings “Preset Position”,
      “Angular Position” and “Extended” were not shown anymore after
      re-opening the Reception Settings Page.

      Fix: UPnP Window: On
      a Windows text size of more than 100% the column widths in the Playback
      → UPnP Window became wider each time when the window was opened, up to a
      limit of 10000 pixel. In order to fix this issue DVBViewer Pro 5.6.2
      resets the column settings to their default when it is launched for the
      first time.

      Added: Hardware Database: Consideration
      of (known) DVB-C devices requiring the symbol rate to be multiplied by
      1000 before it is passed to the driver. “Scan Devices” automatically
      adds the SRx1000 flag to the hardware settings in this case.