Pkt Ipbox E2 Hyperion Image (9900/99Hd)

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    • Pkt Ipbox E2 Hyperion Image (9900/99Hd)

      E2 OpenSource SH4 Duckbox Project GIT-4767 PKT SVN-2060 HYPERION Image

      Added by PKT:
      [ALL] migration to OpenPLI
      [ALL] add more than 100+ plugins to download
      [ALL] fixed aspect ratio selection in A/V setting.
      [ALL] fix network setup
      [ALL] transparency fix if any window opend while infobar is dimming
      [ALL] added recording setup to menu
      [ALL] PermanentClock : added progress bar & other small fixes
      [ALL] fix subservices reload
      [ALL] fix green key support in infobar
      [ALL] Basic HD skin removed - it is already as default
      [ALL] fix opkg
      [ALL] add djcrash Updater v1.2.5
      [ALL] update Backup Manager v1.7
      - add /media/Points for backup
      - add backup of timer
      [ALL] converters update
      [ALL] new approach to control of FrontPanel
      [ALL] fix SCART Output
      [ALL] add missing: subtitle setup & autolanguage setup to main menu
      [ALL] fix GS when subtitled was selected by Audio Menu
      [ALL] GraphMultiEPG -fixed compatibility to other skins ( without our fonts )
      [ALL] 1st boot wizard fix
      [ALL] Languages: 1st is English, 2nd - Polish, others is alphabetical order
      [ALL] fix Backup Aurorestore - now 100% working
      [ALL] FrontPanel Setup extended to Time&Name, Time&Number
      [ALL] video settings optimization
      [ALL] update skins for PIG support
      [ALL] fix some STB's for PIG support
      [STI7111&7105] Fix CEC support
      [OCT1008+] fix picture viewer and videoplayback
      [GM7162] VFD icons support
      [GM7162] VFD Icons: 2nd record Icon, Full HD, HD, Disk Icon while REC.
      [GM7162] added CAM activation if is Disabled in Standby mode.
      [GM7162] fix icons off in standby/deepstandby
      [GM7162] keymap support Portal key
      [UFS910] fix restart network interface
      [SFXXX] added support of LongEPG key
      [IPBOX] optimization evremote
      [ALL] increase stability
      [...] and many many other changes not included in chagnelog.

      Known Issues:
      [Cuberevo] some STBs hang on if skin with PIG is used so we do not recommended such skins.
      [SF1008/SE] not tested so use at your own risk.
      [IPBOX] we're not sure about the TVN HD and other HD channels problems are solved


      Source Code

      1. 9900HD
      3. ili

      Source Code

      1. 99HD
      3. ili
    • Novi image HYPERION 2 baziran na OpenPli - update python2.7 i još dosta toga

      E2 OpenSource SH4 Duckbox Project GIT-5491 PKT SVN-2290 HYPERION v2 Image

      Added by PKT:
      [ALL] OpenPLI updated 10-05-2013
      [ALL] python2.7 updated
      [ARM] fix firmware update from BP
      [ARM] fix subtitles
      [ALL] add PKT HDMI-CEC Manager [BP->Settings->HDMI Setup]
      [ALL] fix making & cleaning devs for pl2303 & ftdi
      [ALL] speedup network test
      [ARM] enable automount support
      [ARM] add missing libs for mytube
      [ALL] add HDD Manager to BP-> Disk Menu
      [ALL] Partition Manager to BP-> Disk Menu
      [ALL] optimize SWAP script
      [ALL] fix SWAP start on box with NAND Image
      [ALL] update main menu
      [ALL] add DLNA client support menu
      [ARM] Add missing rtmpdump for WebMedia 10 and other
      [ALL] default PIG on exclude ADB
      {ALL} IPTV GS fix for ChannelList
      [ALL] skip network check in first assistant
      [ipbox] add loading RF modulator in rcS if exists
      [ADB] fix autorestore
      {ALL} removed unsupported Nonlinear format from AspectRatio
      [ALL] fix EPG multifunctioning
      [ALL] fix Channel Control plugin support
      {7162} fix V.Format key for aspect ratio selection
      {ALL} fix python 2.7 plugins import from PKTs server
      [ALL] fix map ca0 to ca1
      {ALL} standby on/off switching speedup & other internal code changes
      {ALL} force reboot function deactivated cause doesn't work so far
      [SF918,SF1028] Enable extinguish
      [ALL] set default OFF hdmicec function: tv_standby, tv_wakeup, active_menu, active_source
      [ALL] fix OpenWebif streaming
      [GM7162] add switch between DVB-T/C @BP->Settings->Extra Setup
      [ALL] according to @data devil - added additional key info in locations: EPGSelectActions ChannelSelectEPGActions
      {ALL} added TELETEXT support in KeyMapper : available for red & yellow color keys
      [ARM] Add CrossEPG
      [arm] add missing libs
      {ARM} fix graphEPG fonts for other skins
      [ALL] update channel list

      [ALL] update djcrash downloader v1.3.0
      - add checking server response
      - add update local date field after installation

      [ALL] update PKT Samba Server Manager v1.5
      - add support for Hypercube
      - add some new entry to smb.conf

      [ALL] update Media player
      -set /hdd as default browsing dir
      -set config.mediaplayer.defaultDir=/media/
      -functionality fixes
      - added dynamic OC

      [ALL] update EmuManager v1.1.7
      -add properly support of wicardd

      {ALL} update BluePanel
      - speed up
      - optimized code
      - small fixes
      - num & color keys small functionality fix
      - exit key fix
      - added boxtype exclude

      [ALL] add Overclocking Tool v2.0.8
      - add management over/down clocking
      - add checking oc driver
      - add error message when oc driver is not available
      - add downclocking CPU in standby support
      - enable Fast Boot support
      - add lock/unlock button
      - add WARNING message
      - add Dynamic OC
      - add frequency self calculating algorithm to increase available range of values
      - add CPU dynamic frequency control in standby mode when recording

      {ALL} InfoCenter
      -added CPU frequency read online.
      -added Net IP

      [ALL] update PKT Install Manager v2.7.7
      - add support for Hypercube
      - add support MultiBoot for GM 990/GM TRIPLEX STB
      - fixed exit from Disk Manager
      - fix switch between multiboot<->nand_e2
      - fix switch between multiboot<->nand_spark
      - add Mario Bros cleaning tool
      - add additional boot_system check
      - set default bootdelay at 10s for gm990
      - add reboot button
      - add show mounted partition
      - add support ext4 file system
      - increase choice of size partition from 10GB to 1TB
      - add size of left free space
      - add excluded extended partition id
      - speed up loading install manager & all code in python
      - add info when disk or image file is not detected
      - add lock installation when disk or image file is not detected
      - fix usb and usbhub loading when more than 1 storage device are connected to the STB
      - add multiboot for Hypercube
      - FAT partition is using for kernels area
      - sdx2, sdx3, etc... is using for rootfs
      - correctly usb drive partitions can be prepare by Disk manager
      - fix refresh status on hypercube
      - fix rescan devices after repartition in Disk Manager
      - fix detect image to install [hypercube]
      - add alternative startup from flash when usb storage can not be initialize [hypercube]
      - code optimization

      [ALL] Update Backup Manager v2.2
      - add support for Hypercube
      - add full backup of flash for GM990 / TRIPLEX/ Hypercube
      - fix checking free space in /hdd
      - set copy settings default off
      - add copy of channel list revision
      - add selection usb or flash image in whole image backup

      Known Issues:
      [ADB] PIG can cause unexpected uboot remove due to error decoder design - as written by Jacek
      We are working around this problem and some changes in this direction have been made, however we can not guarantee 100% secure
      [TRIPLEX] for oscam use boxtype=ipbox
      [ALL] we not recommended make backup of e2 settings when using Backup Manager from older version!-nedoporučuje se použít zálohu nastavení ze starších verzí-admin

      Special THX to TDT group, all sh4 community and all betatesters.

      FTP login: root, passwd: pkteam

      Pozdrawiamy Polish Koders Team

      Download :


      IPBOX 99

      IPBOX 55