Image ab-com official - flash and USB version

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    • Image ab-com official - flash and USB version

      Installing new image to AB IPBox 99xxHD
      1. Download new image from web, unpack it to your PC.
      2. Copy unpacked files to USB memory stick direct to root. You can have another files there.
      3. safety remove USB memory stick from PC and connect it to turned off box (to front or rear USB connector).
      4. Turn box on and when "AB IPBox 99xxHD appears on front display just once press "Power button" on front panel - update image will start.
      5. After image update box restarts itself and Wizard will start.

      ABCOM enigma2 10.06.2013

      Enigma2HD_r130610 for AB IPBox 99xxHD/55HD with python 2.7


      - based on OpenPli E2
      - add fastscan
      - add device manager
      - add flash manager (for faster flashing from USB)
      - new multiboot function (format USB in box via Device manager, make 2 partitions, size of first give 900MB,
      choose vfat file format. Than mount first partition and via FTP copy "root.img" and "uImage" files to vfat USB)
      - better support of HD channels
      - fix many small bugs
      - fix format hdd
      - fix automount USB
      - fix PIP

      USB version

      FLASH version